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Spring (autumn) clean your residential property during isolation

2 days ago

Cleaning your residential property can either be a sprint or a marathon... it all depends on the time you spend (now) tidying.

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Our company protocols during COVID-19

21 days ago

These are the new protocols we have put into place at Lugtons in the current environment.

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Add $10,000 to your deposit (with the Kiwisaver HomeStart grant)

22 days ago

If you’re trying to get onto the Waikato property market, but are wondering how you can optimise your deposit, we’re here to help.

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February Market Update with Claire Lugton

30 days ago

Can you feel a change in the air? With autumn approaching, the weather isn’t the only thing changing – just ask Claire Lugton, Director of Lugtons Real Estate.

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Property Managers: protecting your investment

30 days ago

You’ve worked out the maths, and taken the plunge into starting or expanding your investment portfolio. Now, you need to decide: do you manage the property yourself, or hire a professional?

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What’s your offer? Conditional vs. unconditional explained!

44 days ago

For first home buyers, purchasing your first property can be a whirlwind of new jargon and processes. Don’t run into the property market blind. 

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Wait! Have you held an open home?

58 days ago

Have you ever wondered ‘what if’? When selling your home, don’t let this be something you’re left asking!

At Lugtons, we’re here to help you capitalise on your investment.

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Lugtons January 2020 Market Update

59 days ago

Did you know your property value is forecast to increase by at least 5% in 2020?

Tune into our monthly market update with Claire Lugton, Director of Lugtons Real Estate, and find out how you can get yourself in the best position for the year ahead.

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Ready, steady, GO! Get the green light on your new home

2 months ago

You’ve started your preliminary investigations, got the green light from the bank, and now you’re ready to clear your social calendar calendar and take 2020 for a joyride towards home ownership.  

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Get 20:20 this year, with our guide into financing your first home

3 months ago

We’ve hit 2020! But today we’re talking about 80:20, or more how you can use the 80:20 rule (alongside other financial information) to help you join the property ladder.


What the RBNZ changes mean for first home buyers

4 months ago

We’ve seen a lot of media hype across the last two weeks, focusing on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s announcement for the big four Australian-owned banks and the new minimum capital requirements But, what does this mean for first home buyers?

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Negotiation – how does it work in residential property sales?

4 months ago

Negotiating, it’s more common than you think! Especially in real estate. If you’re looking to place your home on the market, join our investigation into negotiation. 

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KiwiBuild joins the Waikato Property Market

4 months ago


For first home buyers, it can be tricky to understand the pros and cons of an initiative where there has been so much publicity and mixed messages. That’s why we’re here!

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Government proposes changes to The Residential Tenancies Act 1986

5 months ago

The property industry is ever changing. Last week, the Government announced potential changes to tenancy law which will give tenants more rights in the homes they rent, in a bid to increase security.


How interest rates affect your mortgage repayments

5 months ago

It’s the million-dollar question – what makes for an affordable home? Is it the initial price prior to your bank’s approval, or looking at the bigger picture?

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Are you ready for Lugtons Round the Bridges 2019?

5 months ago

Are you ready for this weekend’s inaugural Lugtons Round the Bridges! We’ve decided to get some kms in before the weekend, with 12 fun facts — one for each km that’ll be run this weekend

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Your go-to-guide for First Home Buyers

5 months ago

Congratulations! If you’re reading this blog, then you’ve taken the first step to home ownership – thinking about stepping onto the property ladder...


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Buying land. Is it a wise, or weary, investment?

5 months ago

We all want our own piece of land, some more literally than others. Join us as we investigate the pros and cons of purchasing standalone land, and how to make it work for you.


Conscious, liveable cities with Anna Smart

6 months ago

Lugtons’ own Anna Smart took to the PechaKucha stage as part of the 2019 Festival of Architecture to discuss how we, as real estate salespeople, get to see the change in our built environment. 

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Building inspection report: is it worth it?

6 months ago

We’ve all heard the saying ‘information is power’. That's why we’re looking at why you should get a building inspection report to assess your future investment.

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