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Prepare your property to list post-lockdown

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Make the most of the latest lockdown by prepping your property for sale.


Make the most of the latest lockdown by prepping your property for sale. Lugtons Dinsdale Branch Manager, Graeme Rowe, explains why taking the time to prepare your home for market will ensure you’re ready to buy when the right one comes along.

Lockdown may have forced life to slow down a little in parts, but it hasn’t stopped the market here in the Waikato. Demand for property is still outstripping supply in this latest lockdown, with prices remaining solid.

Put simply, it’s a good time to sell so, if you’re planning to put your property on the market, maximise your time in lockdown and get prepared.

Give yourself time to sell

Graeme Rowe, Residential Consultant and Dinsdale Branch Manager, says people often underestimate the time it takes to put a house on the market. “There’s documentation that needs to be completed, anti-money laundering requirements that need to be met, signatures that need to be obtained and a photographer that needs to be booked. These things can be relatively straightforward, but sometimes they can take a few days. If you’re wanting to sell, you can get these ready now so when it comes time to list your property you can hit the ground running.”

Rowe says in the current market, homes are selling quickly so if you’re not prepared you could miss out. “Some sellers may be waiting to find their dream home before listing their current property, but if your dream home appeared on the market next week, chances are it’ll go fast. If you’re wanting to purchase, you need to be ready to go.”

Three top tips to get your home ready for sale this lockdown
1. Prepare the paperwork

Every house sale requires paperwork, before, during and after. Make a start and prep the paperwork ready for listing. “We have all the documentation that needs to be completed and we can work with clients to complete these,” says Graeme. “They can be relatively straightforward but in some instances, particularly if Trusts are involved, it can take a few days to gather all the signatures we require. I recommend people allow up to a week to prepare this documentation, but in this current market that can be the difference between a house being on and coming off the market.

2. Present the property

When it comes to selling a home, presentation is absolutely everything and this starts before any open home. “Many people focus on giving a house a lick of paint or fixing up minor things but presenting each room for the photographer can’t be underestimated,” says Graeme.

“Often all this takes is a bit of time, effort and creativity. Look through some magazines or view other property listings online. Take a look at the photos to gather ideas of how you’d like your property to look. Often simple things like cushions and pillows on beds, lamps in a corner or throw rugs on furniture can give that finishing touch.”

Graeme says Lugtons’ staging partners can also give advice. “Getting the right photos is just as important as having people view your property at an open home The staged and well-presented homes definitely grab the emotional aspect of the buyer and are more likely to get a premium price,” he says.

During Alert Level 3, photography of homes for sale is permitted but photographers still need to be booked, so don’t leave it to the last minute!

3. Partner with your agent

Getting ready to list your property is made easier when working with an experienced agent. “Get our advice on what needs to be tided up and what documents you need to sign, so when you see the home you want to buy, you’re ready to sell and make an offer. Houses are still selling in lockdown, we have online auctions happening weekly, and plenty of buyers are out there. Make the most of this time in lockdown by getting your property prepped for listing.”

If you’re ready to put your home on the market, get in touch with our Residential Consultants today.


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