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A wintery Waikato weekend sees many a school kid taking to a foggy field or concrete court, all in the name of sport. While we may assume that these experiences are available to all, the reality for many kids is that sport is inaccessible.


A wintery Waikato weekend sees many a school kid taking to a foggy field or concrete court, all in the name of sport. While we may assume that these experiences are available to all, the reality for many kids is that sport is inaccessible. Lugtons, in partnership with The WaterBoy, is changing that.

Based in the Waikato, The WaterBoy is a charity committed to breaking down barriers and providing sporting opportunities for all. That support comes in the form of gear, fees, transport, and uniforms. In other words, The WaterBoy is doing what it takes to get kids to the game and it’s an initiative that aligns closely with Lugtons’ community spirit.

Platinum Partnership

Already long-term supporters of True Colours Children’s Health Trust and the iconic Round the Bridges event, Lugtons’ partnership with The WaterBoy is a continuation of the family firm’s commitment to the Waikato community, and a collaboration that felt natural for Managing Director, Simon Lugton.

“At Lugtons we’ve always had a commitment to be very community focused and, as a team, we love our sport!” explains Simon, who himself can be found at Gallagher Hockey Centre turf on a foggy Saturday morning. “We share The WaterBoy’s vision to make participation in sport and physical activities an achievable option for every Kiwi kid, and the initiatives the charity has developed to help grow empowered, confident leaders can influence our community for good. We wanted to support that and help to increase the impact and visibility of The WaterBoy in the Waikato.”

Making a difference

Established in 2016, The WaterBoy has helped hundreds of children participate in sport and personal development opportunities and is currently on a mission to help 1500 youth in 2022. The team also wants to support 250 disadvantaged youth through the sponsorship of fees and gifting of sports equipment and clothing.

“We believe sport and participation in activities that contribute to personal development are opportunities that every New Zealand child should have,” explains The WaterBoy Founder, Thomas Nabbs. “That’s why we’re trying to increase participation in sport, enhance social connection, and improve our Kiwi kids’ health and community well-being. There are so many benefits to be gained from participating in activity, but too many of our tamariki are missing out on that. Having Lugtons on board to give us that level of support and sponsorship will enable us to grow and help more kids.”

Increased participation

Lugtons partnership with The WaterBoy means for every home sold, a donation goes to the charity. Natasha Fraser, Lugtons Recruitment and Performance Manager, says the alignment between the two organisations has the potential to make a real difference to children in the Waikato.

“The relationship is a very real one,” explains Natasha. “Our consultants and their clients can see the value of our support, the difference it makes, and where that financial aid is being received. Children who didn’t have the means to participate in sport or get involved in activities that help their development and overall wellbeing, are now being able to access those opportunities and the resources. It’s wonderful to see and be a part of.”

Getting involved

Hundreds of kids have been helped in recent years, but Thomas knows there are still more who need assistance. “There are so many kids who are missing out on the opportunity to get involved in sport and other activities because of financial barriers. People often ask us what they can do to help because they really support our goals and values. You can sponsor individuals or families to get involved in sport, or you can support us with your time by volunteering.

“Choosing Lugtons for your real estate needs, is an easy way to lend a hand. When you let Lugtons know you’ve chosen them because of their partnership with The WaterBoy, it really reinforces our relationship, and you can feel good about supporting a local charity.”

Find out more about the impact The WaterBoy is having on New Zealand youth here

Looking to list? Speak with the Lugtons team today about supporting The WaterBoy when you sell your home.


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