28 July 2020

Switch on to the effects of light 

Lighting: it can set the mood of a room, decorate, enhance and brighten a space. So why is it that when we buy a residential property, we often settle for the lighting that comes with the house, accepting that good enough is literally that? 

Here at Lugtons, we want you to consider the effects of your lighting, not just on your eyes, but on the decor, the feel of the house and, of course, the value of your property. 

Create space with natural light 

Your home is your castle, and while you may not be able to change the size of a room for one reason or another, you can use light to create space and make it feel as large as possible. The real question is how...obviously you can’t pull additional meterage out of thin air (however nice that would be).  

The answer is: natural light. Going natural connects your room with the external environment, creating an illusion, and no longer limiting the space to the internal quarters by organically opening the interior. 

Create mood and ambience 

While most of us haven’t spent a huge amount of time thinking about room colourif mood and ambience are what youre after, it’s a great way to make a room look larger. 

Light and bright walls can bounce natural light into an area to create an optical illusionHow does it do this? It makes the walls appear further back, making the room seem bigger. Magic, or simple interior design technique? We’ll let you decide. 

Make your light fixtures a feature 

If you have small windows, or no access to natural lightit’s time to get creative with a light focal point. Why? Because even a simple light fixture can dress up or dress down a room. 

For a large space, a chandelier can make a statement, drawing the eye into the room. Once reserved for grand statements, it’s now on trend to embrace them not only in your dining and entrance rooms, but in non-traditional spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. In a smaller room, look to scale your lighting fixtures to ensure they don’t overpower a space. You may even want to reduce the bulb wattage to balance the light.  

Want to take it a step further? Add in a well-placed mirror to add a focal point, reflect the light and make the room brighter, in the day and the night, by bouncing light back into the room.  

Your health and wellbeing 

Lightcan set the mood in more ways than one. Did you know lighting plays a significant part in your health and wellbeing? That’s right. Bad lighting is associated with a range of ill-health effects, while bringing in more natural light into your residential property, or light that mimics natural daylight (think LED lights)can have a dramatic positive impact on you and your family.  

Now, think about how a well-lit property could help you when trying to sell your home. Whether it’s ambient, accent or task lighting, good lighting can help you create a cognitive experience to any potential buyer, inviting them in, showcasing the key functional elements, and leaving a great impression.  

Illuminate your path to Lugtons 

If you need advice on the best way to accent your property with lighting prior to placing your residential property on the market, make sure you contact the team at Lugtons. Our friendly real estate salespeople are here to help illuminate your pathway… no matter the light fixtures.  



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