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Selling over Christmas and New Year

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Selling your Waikato home might be the last thing on your mind over Christmas and New Year, but it could turn out to be a wise move.


Selling your Waikato home might be the last thing on your mind over Christmas and New Year, but it could turn out to be a wise move.

Traditionally, the number of homes for sale is likely to decline over the festive period, which is why with a little effort yours could easily stand out from the crowd.

Auctions are few and far between

Residential auction activity usually dries up over the festive break, with auction numbers dwindling from about mid-December until the end of January. With less competition your home can really stand out, and while the holidays can be a busy time, it is also a time when many people are not working and have the time to read through property magazines, search online and visit open homes.

More time on your hands

You may also have extra time to finish up those projects you’ve been meaning to do as a property owner. We’ve compiled a list of ‘must do’s’ when cleaning your home, but to summarise: declutter the house, move things out from the garage and ensure the paint is fresh, the garden is tidy and green, and the lawn is trimmed.

Make use of the good weather

Speaking of lawns, Christmas and the holidays occur at the beginning of summer, which is often when your home and garden are looking their best (provided there are no water restrictions in place). Make the most of your property’s indoor-outdoor flow at a time when entertaining is top of mind for most.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Tastefully decorating your home for Christmas can add warmth and add a festive feeling to your home. However, make sure that you do not over decorate your home, as you should have already de-cluttered and you still want your home to feel spacious, clean, and tidy. Remember, your decorations should be gone by January 5!

Purchasing with intent

Residential home buyers who are looking at properties during the holidays are often serious about purchasing, and want to move in quick, either before the New Year, or before the school year begins, which could lead to a quick sale.

If you’re considering selling this summer, or looking to buy in the Waikato, contact the team at Lugtons today. We can complete a FREE on-site appraisal to help you understand what your home could be worth and what updates you could make to get on the right track.




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