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Keeping up with the change

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Times are changing, but at Lugtons Property Management the ‘old school way’ remains as relevant as ever. Discover what sets our Property Management Team apart from the rest.


Times are changing, but at Lugtons Property Management the ‘old school way’ remains as relevant as ever. Discover what sets our Property Management Team apart from the rest.

Since February 2020 and the confirmation COVID-19 had reached our shores, times have changed dramatically. Navigating this change over the past 18-months has required flexibility, innovation, and a great deal of patience and local support to fit into an ever-changing 4-tiered alert level system.

Here in Lugtons Property Management team, it’s been no different. We’ve needed to adapt, innovate, communicate, and support, each other and our clients to ensure we continue to uphold the high level of service we’re committed to delivering.

Leanne Sanford, Lugtons Residential Property Manager, says property management is no different from sales; it’s a team business. “Much like our residential consultants think outside the square when selling a property, our team are thinking outside the box to ensure tenants, properties and the owner’s requirements are upheld,” she says.

“We take immense pride in managing our owners’ businesses and investments on their behalf. In fact, you could say, our point of difference from other property management companies is we operate the ‘old school’ way. Respecting people, ensuring excellent communication, taking pride in our work and doing what we say we’ll do, is more relevant today than ever before.”

Changing requirements for property owners

Change has also been constant in the world of property investment, with the implementation of the Healthy Homes Legislation, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, and the introduction of the Bright Line Test to name a few.

So, how can the Lugtons Property Management team help you keep up to date in the changing property climate?

1. How to… meet Healthy Home requirements

Meeting Healthy Homes Legislation requires ongoing maintenance on properties. “Seasonal maintenance must be carried out to conform to this legislation,” advises Leanne. “That means cleaning and clearing out gutters after the winter months and removing moss and mould.”

“Seasonal maintenance also has the additional benefit of providing compliant and up-to-standard properties for tenants to inhabit, giving them a sense of pride and creating a home they’re committed to looking after,” adds Leanne.

2. How to… agree on tenancy conditions\clauses

No rental property is the same, therefore specific property clauses\conditions will vary from house to house. Knowing the rental industry and legal legislation, Lugtons Property Managers streamline this process to ensure owners and tenants are fully aware of their responsibilities.

3. How to… attract reliable tenants

Property presentation is imperative. Owners should present their rental property to a standard they would happily reside in themselves. To have an owner and a Property Manager who are like-minded in property expectations, will achieve a positive and productive outcome. Reliable tenants are always attracted to well-presented homes to which they can make their home.

“We live and breathe these changes every day and know the requirements that property owners must adhere to,” says Leanne. “Our role as property managers is to ensure owners – and properties – meet those changing requirements, and we know exactly how that can be achieved.”

Do you have a property that needs managing? Give the Lugtons Property Management team a call today and find out how they can make managing your property hassle-free.


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