9 July 2019

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What to look for in a Real Estate Salesperson

You’re ready to place your property on the market, and it’s time to take the first, all-important step towards selling your home: finding the right salesperson.  

As one of the Waikato’s leading real estate companies, we know a thing or two about selling properties, and what makes a great salesperson. Below, we share our top four traits to consider when choosing the right salesperson for you.   

What's in a salesperson?

A real estate salesperson is someone who arranges the sale of a property on your behalf. In New Zealand there are approximately 15,000 salespeople, with 65 of these a part of Lugton’s Real Estate.

A real estate salesperson does everything from:

  • helping clients sell their property
  • using their network to find potential buyers
  • researching and calculating the value of properties
  • advertising properties for sale online and/or in brochures
  • arranging open homes
  • organising and negotiating property sales and contracts
  • organising building inspections and reports to ensure homes are safe and secure

So how do you find ‘the one’?

As the salesperson’s success will determine whether you get the best price for your property or not, there’s a few key things to consider.


Hire a Licensed Practitioner

In order to work as a Real Estate Salesperson in New Zealand, you must be licensed by the Real Estate Authority (REA).

For salespeople to be licensed by the REA as a salesperson, they must complete a National Certificate Level 4. While Branch Managers need to complete the National Certificate in Real Estate Level 5. They also need to be seen as a ‘fit and proper person’, who has demonstrated honesty and the expertise to effectively fulfil their role in the Real Estate industry. As these salespeople operate under the standards and obligations set out in the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, they are your best bet in ensuring a legitimate and successful sale.

Every Lugton’s sales salesperson is licenced by the REA. Meaning when you choose to work with Lugton’s, you’ll be choosing to work with honest, passionate and qualified people who work with purpose and integrity.  


Find someone who adds value

This is a competitive market, so you need someone who adds value and implements an effective strategy.

Your chosen salesperson needs to understand the neighbourhood you’re selling in and the type of buyer interested in purchasing your property. Then they need to use this information to form a strategy that markets your property to those most interested.

When deciding on a salesperson, ensure you also uncover their knowledge of sales techniques, market trends and property value. That way you can feel confident in their ability to sell your property for what it’s worth.


Choose a relationship builder

The sales process can be incredibly stressful, regardless of whether this is your first time entering the market or whether you’ve sold properties in the past. Therefore, you’ll need someone who is people focused and committed to making it a stress-free sale.

Great salespeople will ask about your motivations for selling, as well as your concerns and expectations. Take the time to meet with a few salespeople, to ensure you find the right fit for you.

Our friendly team offer free no-obligation consultations to discuss the value of your property and answer any questions you have about the selling process.


It’s all about communication

Being able to communicate effectively is a crucial skill for successful salespeople. Not only so they can foster a strong working relationship with you, but also with potential buyers. After-all, you’re counting on them to speak on behalf of you and the property you’re selling.

Effective communicators keep you in the loop. They ensure a clear channel of communication during the sales process, so you know exactly who is interested in the property and the details of any offers that come through. Good communicators will also offer advice that guides you to accepting the best offer.  


Ask us how:

Ultimately, choosing the right salesperson is all about trust. You need to feel confident in your salesperson’s ability to sell and communicate effectively. At Lugton’s, we make sure our salespeople are certified and constantly developing their skills. That way we’re able to provide consistent, in-depth knowledge of the Waikato Real Estate market to help guide our clients. We also pride ourselves on hiring passionate, friendly staff who are committed to getting the best deal for your property.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help sell your property, contact the Lugton’s team today.


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