16 July 2019

Selling in winter - is it worth it?

With your family home and investment property being one of the biggest assets you’ll ever own, seasonality is an important element to consider when deciding to put your house on the market.  

But do houses really struggle to sell in Winter? Below we share the opportunities and challenges this cold season brings, and how you can maximise your return on investment (ROI), no matter the weather.

Whether the weather be good

Winter weather can be off-putting, and properties can look dull and tired, so we understand why owners don’t feel inspired to sell during this period. But there are huge benefits to selling in winter that most are not aware of.

The property market is competitive. Knowing the best time to sell can drastically increase your ROI. In winter the supply of properties in the market is low, while the demand amongst buyers is high. The lack of competing properties in the market leads to highly motivated buyers, who are willing to push their budget for a house they love. Get ahead of the competition and attract eager buyers by choosing to sell this winter.  

Create Winter appeal

Buying a warm, dry home is a top priority for many Kiwi families. Selling in winter is a great opportunity for buyers to get a feel for the place and assess how Winter-proof a property is. Make potential buyers feel at home this winter by following our below tips:

  • There is nothing inviting about a dull, cold home. Stage your home as a winter escape by creating a warm and pleasant ambience that showcases the home’s positive features and attracts potential buyers. Check out our expert home staging tips here.
  • Dampness and mould are big red flags for buyers and will be noticed straight away. Fix these issues long before the viewing by using a dehumidifier, and keep your home nice and dry throughout the selling process by getting rid of mould and mildew surrounding windows.
  • Sunlight transforms properties making them light and welcoming. But with less sunshine in Winter, properties can easily look lacklustre. Put your property in the best light by holding viewings when your property gets the most sun.

It’s all about selling

Selling your home in winter doesn’t have to place a damper on your property’s worth. Tap into the opportunity to meet the demand this season, by choosing to sell with Lugton’s experienced agents. We are dedicated to implementing effective strategies that maximise your return on investment and make your sale as easy-going as possible.

Ready to take the next step? Contact our team today about getting your house on the market this winter.



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