28 January 2020

Ready, steady, GO! Get the green light on your new home

New year, new home!

You’ve started your preliminary investigations, got the green light from the bank, and now you’re ready to clear your social calendar calendar and take 2020 for a joyride towards home ownership.  

You’ve read our Guide for First Home Buyers and Finance your First Home eBook. Now in the third eBook of our In the Market series – Purchasing your first home – we investigate the steps required to purchase your first home. and You’ll learn how to find your now home, make an offer, and find out what it takes to go unconditional.

Start your search

You never know where your new home maybe hiding, and like a good game of hide and seek, you may not begin your search looking in the right places. From websites and newspapers, through to digital advertising, your real estate salesperson can give you the inside information. Find out where you should focus your search, here.

Open your eyes at open homes

Before you enter an open home, make sure you know what to look for. In our eBook, we explore how you can view the property from different angles, levels and perspectives. It’s all about making sure you’re making a solid purchasing decision.

Are you ready to make an offer?

It’s the One! Now, it’s time to talk money. There are many things you’ll need to think about, but don’t worry, your real estate salesperson will guide you through the process. From due diligence through to settlement, we look at how to put in an offer.

Be prepared to buy at auction

Auction results speak for themselves, so it’s no surprise why people often choose to sell through this method. However, did you know there’s a different process for buyers who want to purchase at auction? That’s right! In this section, we look at the process and what ducks you need to get in a row to help the hammer come down on your bid.

It’s unconditional – congratulations!

You’ve cruised through your due diligence, paid the deposit and successfully gone unconditional – now you’re on the journey to settlement day! Thankfully, as part of this process, your experienced Lugtons real estate salesperson will be there to help you take hold of the keys. Accelerate towards your dream and find out what happens next!

Talk to Lugtons

If you’re ready to begin the journey to your new home, talk to the team at Lugtons. Your first home is a place to create memories and we’re here to help you do that.

For those ready to switch gears and get set on the property ladder, buckle up and make sure you read our latest In the Market eBook: Purchasing your first home.


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