19 May 2020

Create your perfect WFH retreat and add value to your property

Two months ago, most of us packed up our work desks, stationery, and swivel chairs, to work in isolation from home – the team at Lugtons included.

Now, as we enter COVID-19 Alert Level 2, we’re looking at 5 ways to increase the value of your property by incorporating this ‘new normal’ – a flexible environment that allows you to work from home – to create an at home retreat.

Study Nooks

A study nook is a simple yet effective way to incorporate a new home office, anywhere in your home. For those looking for creative ideas to accommodate small spaces, custom joinery and floating shelves are the easiest way to make the most of your area without overtly taking over an entire room. They are also easy to construct, say for someone who has little DIY skills, while adding value to your property.

Don’t like the idea of a floating shelf? Why not invest in a slimline desk. Known for their agile nature, they are a great way to transform a small space and can show prospective buyers what an area could look like.

Consideration for open plan spaces

Space. In the wake of COVID-19, spatial organisation has become top of mind, and is one thing we believe will impact the design of future homes.  

Creating break away spaces is a great way to change the format of the ever-popular open plan living area. They can enable a room to be split with sliding doors, partitions, or separated by furniture. All simple and cost-effective ways to adjust your home design.

Sound proofing

With Zoom calls the new norm, phone conversations part of your daily activity, and the need to separate yourself from the family while they are being ‘home schooled’ a constant, soundproofing has become a ‘new normal’ selling point.

To maximise the peace and quiet within your property, it is important to ensure your walls and ceilings are insulated. Fix any holes or cracks – paying close attention to areas around window frames, ventilation grates and electrical sockets. Sealing or replacing internal doors is another way to add value and create that all-important fortress of solitude.    

Get decorating

You have found a space in your home, but it is important not to forget the small elements that can transform a space into a place.

Set up proper lighting to optimise your workspace and encourage productivity. Yes, you may need to purchase light fittings to accommodate this, but it’s better than working through harsh or dull light.

Add personal touches of style to coordinate with the décor of the house. For example, if you are working from a smaller space, utilise a wall for additional storage, or find creative solutions, like foldaway desks, to create a multipurpose space.

Get Connected

We live in the digital age, and because of this we need to be connected to fast, reliable internet. Fibre, is a great way to invest in your property. It makes working from home easier and enables us to connect, stay in touch, as well as providing resources to help us complete our tasks effectively… oh, and in most cases the installation is free.

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COVID-19 has highlighted what an ISO reality would mean for many people working from home. With the demand for properties across the Waikato on the increase,  incorporating simple design features into your property to help people with this new flexible workplace culture can help people see additional potential in your property – either now, or in the future.  

If you’re considering selling, or looking to buy in the Waikato, contact the team at Lugtons today. We can complete a FREE onsite appraisal to help you understand what your home could be worth and what updates you could make to get on the right track.

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