22 October 2019

Conscious, liveable cities with Anna Smart

What makes a city liveable? Is it transportation, safety ratings, or creating sustainability in the world we live in?

This question was asked of 10 speakers from the Waikato as part of PechaKucha Vol 41, in conjunction with the Festival of Architecture. Lugtons’ very own Anna Smart was invited to be a part of the guest panel, covering the world of real estate and how we fit into the context of conscious liveable cities.

What are conscious, liveable cities?

The conscious design movement is something that has become topical in recent times, as the cost of housing rises and people become savvier in their response to get on the property market.

Where does Lugtons come in? Real estate is an ever-changing environment, which is directly impacted by what’s happening with those who have purchasing power.

The next generation of housing

“My presentation was focused on looking at housing across the last five decades, drawing information from sales I have made within my role as a real estate salesperson across the last six months, and the people who bought the properties,” Anna says. “What I’ve found is a correlation between people and lifestyle choices, and how these houses were reflective within architectural styling typical of that decade.”

Her presentation showcased the journey of five buyers on their journey to homeownership. “For example, older houses tend to have a smaller floor size but bigger outdoor areas.”

This was compared to houses commonly built today. “Fast-forward to 2019, where people are wanting bigger houses on smaller sections, as they’re easier to maintain and allow their owners to drive straight into their e-stations.”

Journey through the decades


Size: 100m2 floor area

Land: 791 m2

Location: Clarkin Road, Fairfield

Home Specs:

  • Polished wooden floors, indoor outdoor flow through French doors in the master bedroom
  • Single garage
  • Doer-upper, average condition with room to add value and a roof that required attention

Price: $459,000


“This house, located on Clarkin Road in an entry-level suburb, was situated close to an array of shops within the Fairfield area. The professional couple who purchased the home were looking to get on the property ladder at an accessible price point.”


Size: 130m2

Land: 824m2

Location: Hinton Ave, Forest Lake

Home Specs:

  • Brick home
  • Swimming pool
  • Garage conversion to a rumpus at some stage over the years, and triple car garaging plus an enclosed car port.

Price: $599,000


“Using their Kiwisavers as the basis of their deposit, this young family was looking for a home within a desirable school area thatprovided easy access to town. With Forest Lake School just over the back fence, they were making a lifestyle move to benefit the whole family.”


Size: 102m2

Land: 637m2

Location: Fairview St, Fairview Downs

Home Specs:

  • Four bedroom
  • Fibre cement

Price: $537,000


“Looking for a home with a new-born can be a stressful time. This family was looking for a home where the property was ‘turn-key’ ready. Once they’d purchased and made the move, they couldn’t believe they hadn’t done it earlier.”


Size: 110m2

Land: cross lease, a half share of a corner site

Location: Claudelands, across from the Roaming Giant

Home Specs:

  • Two-bedroom property
  • Large, modern living room

Price: $475,000


“Based in the popular Claudelands area, this property could have been sold 10 x times over due to the proximity to the city centre, the school zoning, and price point. This property was marketed to gain the interest from Kiwisaver buyers, who purchase on conditional bases.”


Size: 120m2

Land: Freehold 527m2

Location: Derby Street, Nawton

Home Specs:

  • Four bedroom
  • Modular Reid Built Homes

Price: $494,000


“Many couples immigrate to New Zealand to create better opportunities for their family. After making the move from South Africa and establishing their own business, this family purchased their first home near The Base, with a plan to reduce the number of bedrooms so they could add in an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.”


Size: 175m2

Land: Freehold 533m2, corner site

Location: Farleigh Ave, Huntington

Home Specs:

  • Modern design
  • Hebel Concrete
  • Small yard and courtyard
  • End of cul-de-sac

Price: $685,000


“For this doctor, it was important to purchase a home close to where he worked. Through the assistance of modern technology, we were able to Facetime the parents to walk through the property prior to presenting an offer to gain their seal of approval.”



Size: 146m2

Land: Freehold 260m2

Location: Undisclosed

Home Specs:

  • Professional couple after a low maintenance, modern constructed building
  • Ability to charge both electric vehicles
  • Duplex build
  • High growth area
  • Room for flatmate downstairs

Price: Undisclosed


“Today, we’re seeing the direction of home ownership changing tact. Buyers have a different set of needs, which are constantly changing. Currently, duplexes are on trend for the in-home lifestyle as they’re able to provide customisable living opportunities. With new builds, people are able to get additional funds from the KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant, which, with the rise of building costs, means they can move into their homes straight away.”

Enabling house sales

“My job is to get people into homes. The look of excitement when they do, makes my job an honour and a privilege,” says Anna. “Participating in PechaKucha, I wanted to show how real estate has been impacted across the generations, from the architectural makeup through to those who are purchasing them in the 21st century.”

Want to know more about what’s on offer in the housing market? Contact Anna or the team at Lugtons today to find out housing options available to you –  regardless of whether you’re a first-home buyer, savvy investor, or looking to upgrade.


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