1 June 2018

Can you sell in winter?

The standard response when asked when is the best time of year to sell is “sell in spring” and while there in some truth in the fact that warmer drier weather can help drive people to open homes, the fact is that life doesn’t stop over winter.

People still need to move for all the same reasons (new job, family reasons etc) and there are some strong positives about selling in winter.

The main benefit of selling in winter is there is less competition from other houses on the market. With a lot of people buying into “sell in spring”, there are fewer houses on the market and so it is easier to make your house stand out more.

With less house son the market it means that there is less choice from buyers and therefore we are more likely to see multiple buyers interested in one property which can help drive the price up.

Another key benefit is that buyers who are out and about attending open homes in the cold weather are more serious buyers and are more focused and motivated to purchase.

But one thing that is the same across any season, the two key ingredients to get a great sale for your property are presentation and pricing.

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Here are some ideas on how best to present your home for sale in the winter months:

  • If you have a fireplace, make sure you have lots of firewood and have the fire blazing at open home time, creating a warm and inviting environment.
  • If you have air-conditioning or under floor heating make sure they are turned on before the open home and your house feels cosy when people walk in.
  • Open windows earlier in the day before the open home to allow fresh air to get in as houses can be shut up a lot in winter and become musty.
  • Consider a dehumidifier if your home feels damp.
  • Check curtain for any signs of mildew and make sure they are pulled back from the windows to create extra light for the open homes.
  • Winter gardens can look a bit dull so plant some potted colour near the entrance way and make sure you have cleared away all the leaves that have fallen through autumn.
  • Plan your open home times to coincide with when the sun and light is hitting your home in the main living rooms.

For any further tips and information about selling in winter, call your favourite Lugton’s salesperson.

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