With a passion for Property Management and over three years experience in the industry. Imogen has quickly developed an array of skills to give both owners and tenants peace of mind. Currently working towards her bachelors in applied management and looking forward to completing her Bachelors in property management later this year.

Imogen is the very essence of a high quality property manager. Having been trained within a well recognized property management company, she is versed in the issues and challenges that may arise within a Tenancy. She assists our owners with ensuring their investments are well protected and is never short on solutions. Within our team, Imogen is always happy to carry the load whilst providing over and above support to her portfolio. She is not shy to get in and do the dirty work as owners have praised her for assisting with completing tasks outside of the Role. 

Imogen is a family oriented person with a deep empathic understanding to both tenant and owners alike. She enjoys the finer aspects in life. Road trips, good food and great friends are key ingredients to her success. 

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